Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to diaper a 13 year old?

I have a mentally handicapped son who is now 13 years old and in a wheelchair. Before, I used to buy him the big pampers, then Good Nites, but Good Nites only makes diapers for kids upto 12. My son is tall and has a slim build, weighs about 120 pounds. Other parents say Depends, but they are not too good because my son is slim, unlike most children who are in wheelchairs. The diapers need to be strong and thick because he is in a wheelchair full time and he does have occasional spasms. Also, the caregivers at his highschool do not like to change diapers too often.How to diaper a 13 year old?
I work in a Pharmacy and we have different adult diapers. Go to your local shop and ask what would be appropriate. Perhaps an Adult small. Hope I helped.How to diaper a 13 year old?
Just get adult diapers.

Good luck!How to diaper a 13 year old?
I know I won't really be that big of a help to you, and I'm sorry in advanced (trust me I wish I could be more of a help), but all I can say is look around.

Maybe you can try the Depends brand and see how he handles those. If it doesn't go too well, then I'm sure there'd be different brands of the same types of diapers on the same aisle to look at.How to diaper a 13 year old?
ask the pharmastist for some adult diapers. Good luck sweety!How to diaper a 13 year old?
Try the chemist.For his age you might lookat having to buy adult ones.Sorry cant be of more help.How to diaper a 13 year old?
go to this website they have a good choice of things www.dme123.comHow to diaper a 13 year old?
Get him the rubber snap on pants were he can use the diaper and also he change them easiyHow to diaper a 13 year old?
I went thru this with my own son who was physically challenged. I used all the typical disposables until they simply became too small, although like your son I was able to use them for quite a long time because my son was was small physically. After a while however I went over to Youth Attends. They work as well if not better and are easily available.How to diaper a 13 year old?
wow. i really dont know but good luck.. i know this isnt helping at all with your question.. sorry